New Z920A PRO, 60-in. Deck

Z920A PRO, 60-in. Deck

No matter what you're looking for in a commercial zero-turn mower, you'll find it in the Z900 lineup. Our c-channel frames have been rebalanced for superior weight distribution.


New transmissions for more efficient use of power. And improved reliability in the deck drive system. Accept nothing less: it is our mantra, our philosophy, and our measuring stick. And it's what we put into each and every Z900. Once you sit on one, you'll have it too.

Key Features
  • 60-In. 7-IronT PRO deck
  • Dual-captured anti-scalp wheels
  • Increased torque to the drive tires
  • Minimized downtime and reduced turf scuffing
Fuel System Fuel GaugePulse type
Drive Train FilterInternal, replaceable
Travel Speed Forward0-10.5 mph (0-16.9 km/h)